Three Forks, MT

Accessing federal funding

The problem: New flood risk maps indicate that flood risk in Three Forks (pop. 1,700) is far higher than previously understood.

How we helped: We helped Three Forks understand and prioritize its range of options to decrease flood risk. We hired an engineering firm to conduct a feasibility study of mitigation options. Their study demonstrated that building a wide, shallow conveyance channel would divert flood water around and away from the city. The $5 million project will remove 90% of homes from the floodplain. We also helped craft a funding strategy, assisted with grant writing, and conducted community outreach. As a result, Three Forks secured a $4.15 million FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant for the project. We also helped the city establish a special improvement district to raise revenue for the federal cost-share and ongoing maintenance.


  • 2017 CPAW Community
  • Population (2014): 20,556
  • Growth Rate (2000-2015): 5.3%
  • Fuel Type: Oregon white oak, Douglas-fir, white fir, ponderosa pine, mountain hemlock, manzanita